24 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Websites

24 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Websites

24 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Websites

There are a few WordPress plugins that are essential to building your website. Some of them are Elementor, AdSanity, OptinMonster, WP-Optimize, and Easy Digital Downloads. While they may not all be necessary, they can make your website easier to use.

Easy Digital Downloads

If you’re looking to add a digital product sales platform to your website, you’ll want to consider Easy Digital Downloads. It’s a WordPress plugin that makes it simple to sell digital downloads and products. You can also purchase addon plans that give you access to additional functionality. These plans are competitively priced and offer more features than you can get separately. Easy Digital Downloads is designed specifically for digital product sales, and its features include order tracking, discount codes, and detailed report systems.

Another great option for a digital product store is File Manager. This WordPress plugin creates a company-wide Google Drive-like system on your site. It acts as a digital asset management solution, letting you upload, edit, and download files. If you’re looking for a WordPress plugin that’s similar to Easy Digital Downloads, File Manager is one of the best.

Another option is Document Library Pro, which offers an affordable, yet powerful download plugin. The latter also offers tracking capabilities and is compatible with WooCommerce.


The AdSanity plugin allows you to manage your ad inventory in a user-friendly manner. The plugin includes many addons to customize the way your ads look and behave. This plugin is also SEO-friendly and comes with widgets and shortcodes.

AdSanity is a very powerful advertising plugin for WordPress. It allows you to place ads on your website and provides detailed statistics. It can also block ads on certain pages of your site and offer date-based and infinite publishing options. It is considered a premium plugin, and costs $489. You can purchase the lifetime license for $489. AdSanity also offers great support, including video tutorials and FAQs.

Another useful plugin is OptinMonster, which is a SaaS platform that is aimed at increasing conversions. You can download the free version and use it to test its features, but you should also consider the premium version. The premium version comes with several premium features, including plagiarism detection, tone adjustment, and many other useful features.


If you’re looking for an easy to use opt-in form plugin, OptinMonster is a great option. Its setup process is quick and simple and only requires a few clicks. The most basic plan is free, but if you want more features, you can upgrade to the Pro plan. This will give you access to features such as custom CSS support and fonts. You can also add your own confirmation page and success message. Other features include MonsterEffects, which allows you to add animations and other effects to your opt-in form.

OptinMonster is a popular customer acquisition and lead generation tool that embeds with WordPress as a plugin. Though it is not updated regularly, it provides many useful features at a low price. This makes it a great choice for internet marketers and bloggers looking to grow their email lists.

The OptinMonster plugin helps you create popups and opt-in forms on your WordPress website. It has an easy to use visual editor and customizable templates that make it easy to use. It also provides powerful targeting options that convert abandoned visitors into customers. OptinMonster is perfect for eCommerce websites, business websites, and blogs. It also has email marketing and CRM (contact management) features.


WP-Optimize is a powerful plugin that helps your WordPress website load faster. It does this by compressing images, enabling caching, and deleting unnecessary content from your database. With just one click, you can make your WordPress site faster.

The interface of WP-Optimize is simple, and the user can make live edits. It also helps improve your website’s security and performance. Its features include social share buttons, contact forms, CDN services, and email subscription forms.

The WP-Optimize plugin also helps you optimize your website for search engines. Its smart compression algorithm gives you twice the compression with less loss of quality. Its ‘Restore Originals’ function lets you retrieve original images, and its Auto-Compress feature compresses your images automatically as you add them to your website. In addition, it also offers EXIF data-keeping, which means image information is preserved even after compression.

Another important plugin for your WordPress website is WP-Optimize Cache. This plugin optimizes your database to make it faster and reduce the strain on your server. Besides reducing database overhead, WP-Optimize Cache also performs a database cleanup every week.


Whether you need a forum for your business website, or just want to add some community to your blog, bbPress is a great choice. This lightweight, highly configurable plugin allows you to create forums that blend in with your site’s content. It also features a number of useful extensions, including rafflepass, which allows you to run viral giveaways on your website.

BackupBuddy is an excellent backup solution for WordPress websites. This plugin is free, ad-free, and GDPR compliant. Another excellent option is Awesome Support, which provides a ticket system and email notifications. It also has a premium version that offers additional features. bbPress is a great choice for websites that offer support to customers through forums. It helps users create topics, post messages, and replies.

bbPress is one of the 24 essential WordPress plugins for websites. This plugin has a great user interface and comes with pre-made fields. If you want to customize the look of the form, you can choose between code views and previews. With a premium plan, you can also customize the look of the form using the style builder.

Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is one of the most popular WordPress gallery plugins. It features beautiful gallery templates and easy to use features. The plugin also has a free version and offers different payment plans depending on your needs. You can install a free trial version and play around with the different features before you buy the premium version.

This gallery plugin comes with a drag and drop builder, which makes it easy to create a beautiful gallery. It also includes dozens of pre-built templates that you can modify to make your gallery look just the way you want it to. Moreover, it lets you easily set up your portfolio section, which will increase your chances of landing paid projects.

Besides providing a beautiful gallery, this plugin also helps you add metadata to images. This will increase your website’s search engine ranking and can even drive more organic traffic to your site. It works with different types of images, including images, videos, and images with captions. It has pre-built layouts and options for adding extra information to each image.


WP Mail SMTP is a useful plugin that lets you send and receive email on your website. It comes with a simple interface, but you can also configure it manually. The plugin also includes a Bounce Prevention feature. Moreover, you can send test or mock emails with this plugin to test its functionality. This plugin integrates with your mail server to improve email deliverability.

Another great feature of WP Mail SMTP is that it makes it easy to check the email logs of each site, even if you manage multiple sub-sites. You can also switch between sub-sites and review the email logs from one central page. Additionally, it supports Email Alerts, so you can never miss an important email.

Gmail SMTP is similar to WP Mail SMTP. To use it, you need to install the Google Developers Console app, get your API keys, and enable the plugin. After that, your WordPress site will automatically use Gmail’s SMTP server. You can also use the Gmail SMTP plugin’s email test feature. The plugin also has similar settings to WP Mail SMTP, so you can enter your outgoing email server settings and compose a test email.