How Safe is the Water You Drink?


Do you know the answer to this question? Not really sure? If you are relying on a private source for your drinking and household use, such as a well – river – or lake – the quality and purity (or lack thereof) can vary day today. Heavy snowfalls, rainfalls, etc. can have an effect.

Agricultural run-off and distant sources of contamination can leach into the ground and have an impact miles away from the contaminating source.

Worldwide pollution is becoming an ever-increasing problem. The efforts to help clean up and de-contaminate our water supply and the sources of pollution are not even coming close to keeping pace with the rate of pollution.

Water that has been safe for years

may not be safe tomorrow!

It is estimated that approximately half of our pollution problem comes from :


Sewage treatment plants

Storm sewers

Leaking Gasoline Storage facilities and tanks

Old landfills

Septic Tanks …

More sources are :

parking lot run-off


construction sites


The disease organisms that have polluted our waters

down through the ages are still with us.

Studies have found that at any given time, between 20% and 40% of wells in an area will be contaminated with E. Coli or coliform bacteria. Most people are unaware of this and take no precautions until their test is bad. The typical response to this is to pour chlorine bleach into the well. This is a short-term solution and these chemicals can produce carcinogenic by-products and also affect taste and odor.

City – managed and Township water supplies aren’t immune to these problems either!

This is a clear warning to us not to take clean water supply for granted.

Cryptosporidium – is the microorganism responsible for 50 deaths and widespread illness when it contaminated Milwaukee’s drinking water supply in 1993. This is almost completely resistant to chlorine as is Giardia.

• Bacteria • Viruses • Disease microbes •

Many of these contaminating disease-producing microbes get into our water supply from inadequate treatment facilities – lack of quality sanitation – cesspools – septic tank leaching into soils, etc.

They can cause diseases such as:







Amoebic dysentery,etc..

Clean pure water is a necessity for your body to function properly. It is the most common molecule found in the human body. It is critical to your health to ensure that you have a good reliable source.

It is needed for all bodily functions including :





Temp regulation


Virtually every bodily function will require water. It helps to insulate – lubricate – protect and help give muscles – joints and ligaments flexible.

Brain tissue is approximately 70-85% water – Blood, up to 80% – Bones 20 to 30%. It helps in every aspect and function of cells in our bodies.

We recommend the UV Light Water Purifiers

Trojan UV systems, for example, treat the supply for the entire home.

They eliminate virtually 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including chlorine-resistant cysts that are not tested for in routine tests – (such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia).

Chemical Disinfection – Not Effective – against Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Water Filters – Not Effective – against bacteria – viruses and other harmful microorganisms.

Reverse Osmosis – Not recommended – to use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality.

How does UV Light Work?

The Ultra Violet light has a germicidal effect – by destroying the genetic core (DNA) of the harmful organisms.

Your water is purified by running it through a watertight chamber that contains a UV lamp. As the water flows past, the microorganisms are exposed to a lethal dose of germicidal energy.

 they have a range of sizes and applications (and price ranges) for the various UV water filters, and of course, the selection of air purifiers is extensive and all the products they offer are top of the line high quality and easy to install and maintain. They also have the testing supplies you need to be sure you are keeping your water supply at peak purity.

What’s on my toothbrush ?!

Your toothbrush cleans your teeth. What cleans your toothbrush? VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizers are proven to kill up to 99.9% of germs found on your toothbrush using UV light.

You can choose from VIOlight UV Toothbrush Sanitizer and VIOlight Personal Travel Sanitizer.


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