How to Learn WordPress for Free in a Week Or Less

How to Learn WordPress for Free in a Week Or Less

How to Learn WordPress for Free in a Week or Less

To learn WordPress, you will first need to know the difference between a page and a post. Once you have figured out which type of post to create, simply click the editor area and type in some words. Once you’ve finished typing, click the publish button and repeat several times.


If you want to learn to build a website, you may be worried that it is too hard for you. If this is the case, you should know that WordPress is very user-friendly and can be learned within a week. The process of learning WordPress depends on your personal preferences. For instance, you may be interested in learning how to create a plugin or a theme for your WordPress website.

You can start by joining the free WordPress community at and taking advantage of the free lessons and videos there. You can also buy courses separately or subscribe to a paid membership. The latter is recommended for developers who want to build a business on WordPress.

You can also take classes from Team Treehouse. The courses are aimed at beginners and developers. Team Treehouse’s course structure is designed to encourage hands-on learning. They also have tutorials and quizzes to make learning as easy as possible. There is a free 7-day trial, and you can also purchase a subscription to their premium courses for a low monthly fee.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive WordPress course, you can check out’s library of courses. The video library is constantly updated and features free videos and paid courses. The videos are professionally produced, and most courses are designed for beginners. They are also closed-captioned and have community features.

The Lynda site does have a few drawbacks. It does not include instructions on how to install a WordPress platform or host a website. Also, the Lynda course lacks a casual atmosphere. However, the Lynda site is owned by Microsoft and LinkedIn, and its tutors are well-known in the WordPress world.


There are several ways to learn WordPress for free. One way is to sign up for a membership on, which costs $39 or $79 and provides you with access to its entire library of tutorials. Other methods include reading articles and listening to podcasts. Some people find videos easier to understand than others, so be sure to choose the right learning style for you.

Alternatively, you can also check out courses on WordPress on Udemy. These are great for people with limited time because the modules are generally shorter, but contain more information. Plus, you can pause the course and resume at a later time. Udemy offers free and paid courses on WordPress. To find these courses, use the search function on the site. Those with high ratings are usually displayed at the top of the search results.

Once you’ve found a course that meets your skill level, you can start using it on your website. WordPress is a powerful platform, and you’ll discover things as you go along. If you run into problems, try searching for solutions on WPBeginner. This site is the largest WordPress resource site in the world.

You’ll want to keep in mind your motivation before choosing a course. For example, if you want to create an online store, you probably won’t be as motivated to learn WordPress as someone who is just starting a blog. You’ll need to make sure you want to use WordPress for a personal purpose, and you won’t want to be forced to learn it for a professional reason.

The courses are very easy to follow and are easy to understand. They provide step-by-step videos and articles. Moreover, you’ll be able to ask questions and get answers in the forums. This is an excellent way to start learning about WordPress and make a website or blog.


The WordPress official site has many free resources that will help you learn about the platform. These resources will teach you about the basics of the platform, as well as how to customize and make posts and pages. They will also explain some of the blogging lingo. If you’re looking for a quick way to learn WordPress, these resources will be ideal.

Another great resource for WordPress learning is the WP Sessions community and its many video tutorials. These are particularly useful for developers who are starting a new development business. A subscription to the WP Sessions VIP package includes over 78 hours of training content, member-only videos, and a number of discounts on other WordPress products. If you’re planning on becoming a full developer, a paid membership to WP Sessions may be worth it.

The WordPress Codex database provides information on the different features of the CMS. It includes information about functions, classes, methods, and hooks. It also has a block editor handbook and a database that contains information on the different aspects of the Block Editor.

Depending on your knowledge, you can even create your own plugins. While this will require some programming knowledge, it shouldn’t take more than a week or two to learn WordPress. There are plenty of free resources online that teach you how to make WordPress websites for free, but you may want to invest in a paid course that covers more advanced topics.

Team Treehouse: Team Treehouse is another great resource for learning WordPress. This site has over a thousand videos on various topics. It’s easy to follow and breaks up lessons into bite-sized chunks. The course material is easily digestible and can help you manage your time better. It’s also a great option if you’re looking to build an online business.

WordPress A to Z Series

There are many ways to learn how to use WordPress. One way is to use YouTube. Many videos are poorly scripted and poorly shot. However, the WP 101 website offers beginner courses that are inexpensive and easy to access. It also features high-quality videos that are closed-captioned and include community features.

There are free courses that cover every aspect of WordPress. Some of these include the Getting Started section, the Links and Themes section, the Blogging section, Gutenberg, and Plugins. The courses are also available in multiple languages. They are designed to help beginners get a good grasp of WordPress.

You can also find paid courses on Udemy that are run by top developers. These courses are relatively inexpensive (only $10 per course) but come with lifetime access and additional features. Another great source for learning WordPress is The Joy of WP. This website offers over 50 written and video courses.

Noble Desktop’s WordPress Bootcamp

Whether you are a beginner or have extensive experience, you can easily learn WordPress for free online. Noble Desktop offers a series of classes on WordPress. You can take an introductory class if you have no prior experience with the CMS, or you can take a course that combines HTML with WordPress.

WordPress bootcamps typically cover HTML and CSS, two of the most important aspects of website creation. HTML is used to create the structure of a website, while CSS is used to change the appearance of elements, such as colors and fonts. In addition, students will also learn about SEO basics, which can help their websites gain more traffic. Once they are finished with the course, they will be able to build custom themes and plugins for their websites.

To get started, you must create an account on Noble Desktop’s website. You will need to enter your name, address, and preferred payment method. Once you have filled in all your information, you can select the course you would like to learn about. Noble Desktop does not conduct interviews, but does offer different payment plans that you can use to cover the tuition.

If you are looking for a more thorough approach to learning WordPress, you can use paid resources like Noble Desktop’s WordPress Bootcamp. Depending on your skill level, you can learn the basics in a week or less. The bootcamp has a retake policy within a year if you are not satisfied with your progress.

WordPress is the most popular website building software. Learning it is simple and does not require a huge amount of time and money. You can progress at your own pace, building on your knowledge as you go.