New Server Products To Boost Intel’s Sales

The most popular computer chip producer Intel has reported 35% drop in third-quarter profit but showed signs of mending problems.

The popular technology news daily Intel has said that Intel begun letting outside companies use a technology to speed a server’s network communications.

The technology, called QuickData, is a part of company’s Input/Output Acceleration Technology effort that aims to modernize server handling of network traffic. It speeds standard networking by putting networked data directly into memory, bypassing stages in which the processor is burdened as it processes all the packets of transmitted data.

Besides the novelties like the one above is expected to help Intel to regain its postion as a world’s most reliable chip maker. The California based company used to serve 4/5 of the electronic devices and personal computers with its technology. But since 2003 AMD has been recognized as more reliable supplier and has taken a part of Intel’s market share in U.S. The Taiwanese comapny has also made a majour breakthrough in web server market.

This year Intel has released new server chips and shipped six million of them to server vendors.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that the reasearch company Current Analysis said Intel’s share of chips for PCs sold in major U.S. retailers “rose to 55.4% in the third quarter, up from 45.2% in the second period”.

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