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So now as we have listed down Top 10 Web Hosting Services providers, your concerns about speedy loading times, 24/7 active and reliable support, various hosting plans, or daily backups, the WordPress Hosting will fit almost all your needs. One great news is that almost all the web hosts we mentioned above come with free trial periods so you can check the features out while you still have time. And in case you purchase or subscribe to any plan, you can always turn back if you don’t feel satisfied and get your money back in a certain period. Now you can choose the web host provider and begin with your online business today.

There are so many things to keep in mind while choosing the right hosting for your WordPress website, especially when you’re a beginner. Your website’s progress and your business’s growth depends a lot on the hosting provider your use.

This article is written to help you to find the best hosting for WordPress keeping in mind your budget. WordPress has now become one of the most downloaded self-hosted blogging platforms. It is also inexpensive, hence, your idea of best and cheap web hosting is also fulfilled. With so many people signing up daily, it requires powerful servers.

For hosting on WordPress, the web hosts in the market need to meet the minimum requirements of WordPress. Choosing the best web host for WordPress from the crowd can be difficult. WordPress works best when it’s in a stimulating hosting environment for your business or blogs to grow.

But how to determine which one is the best hosting for WordPress? Before doing that, let’s look at the official requirements needed to run WordPress’s software properly in the hosting environment. To choose the best WordPress Hosting in 2021, you just need to check if your web host fulfils the following requirements to run efficiently on WordPress:

To run WordPress, it is recommended that your host supports:

  • PHP version 7.3 or greater.
  • Either MySQL version 5.6 OR MariaDB version 10.1 minimum.
  • HTTPS support

Having that said, any server that supports PHP and MySQL will do well. But we still recommend Apache or Nginx are as they come with most useful features.

Note: for people having only previous or older PHP or MySQL versions, there is a relief. WordPress also works with PHP 5.6.20+ and MySQL 5.0+, but these versions have a drawback. These older versions may expose your site to security vulnerabilities.

One thing which is not required but is recommended for better security of your account on WordPress is that it runs with your account’s username instead of the server’s default shared username.

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting for your website?

We understand that many of you might not know how web hosting works. So we have curated a set of pointers to help you choose just the right web hosting service for your online business.

#1 Do you prefer earning some profit from your website or your purpose is just the online presence?

If your aim is just the online presence, then a free website hosting is the correct option for you. Many site builders come with free plans which charge a minimal fee and can put your name online.  

#2 How much are you ready to spend on your website?

By “spend” we don’t just mean money, but also efforts and ideas. Almost every hosting plan comes with downgrading and upgrading facilities so you can manage your money properly. Although your ideas and efforts that you put in your website are invaluable and hence, can be clubbed with server resource like bandwidth and space to work efficiently.

#3 Plan the number of sites you want to launch.

Along with the number of hosted domains the web hosting plans offer, it is recommended that you check other things like allocated CPU, RAM and bandwidth as they vary with every plan and may have certain limitations.

#4 Identify your target audience.

Knowing your target audience and especially their location lets you choose the data centre close to it. It ultimately enables you to reach your clients with the faster loading speed, especially when it comes to ranking with search engines like Google. This ranking changes with locations and works best when the centre is located near to the bulk users of your website.

#5 Consider specialized hosting.

Specialized hosting is used when the servers are customized. WordPress is a specialized hosting platform and can handle traffic spikes with stable loading speeds. The advantages of such hosting services are many, including better user experience, faster page loading, better Google SERPs, etc.

You can always go for the basic plan when you find such web host and can upgrade when the time is right.

#6 Ask about your developers’ recommendations.

Never forget to take suggestions from the masters of the field, i.e. the developers, about their recommendations and what do they need. It is also necessary to know about their qualifications so that you both can work together on the web hosting choice best for your business.  

#7 Always conduct your research and form a plan.

After considering all the above pointers, you will get a definite number of web hosts which will have just the right characteristics you need. Now you would need to conduct your research about individual hosts, and analyze their performance ratings.

After you evaluate their performances, check several review articles or read in forums. Shrink down your list to the best 3 companies. You can also write the pros and cons of every company to clear the air more. In case you feel any doubts, you can always contact them to get a better idea. Also, don’t forget to jot down their discounts or offers, especially for the first year of hosting.

Now, what factors you should consider finding the best web hosting for WordPress? Let’s see:

  • Affordability:A lot of hosting offers similar features but charges way too much for them. So you need to look for the best available prices and discounts they offer.
  • Speed:Also known as “load time”, the hosting environment should be optimized for WordPress with the fastest speed it can give.
  • Uptime:The uptime of any web hosting which is below 99.94% is a big no.
  • Response time: The hosting provider which gives response time below 200ms is good.
  • Customer Support: 24/7 ready customer service and technical support is a must to help you through issues which you may face with any hosting service.

There is no web hosting which provides similar uptime or speed results to your website. It depends on your chosen hosting plan, your website size and the number of visitors your website gets.

Apart from these factors, a few things to consider are server geographical location. The speed and latency depend on the server location, especially for idle customers and visitors. And questions like, whether a medium server site would be the best for you or a high traffic site; how much bandwidth is allowed and if the host can handle occasional or frequent traffic spikes?

Before moving forward to our list of the best WordPress hosting, you must be familiar with the various types of WordPress hosting options. Below are the major types of hosting services for WordPress described briefly to help you choose a hosting company easily.

  1. Free WordPress hosting

As you might be knowing, WordPress is open source free software and officially comes in two forms: and While the former one is a free hosted platform, the latter is a self-hosted one. It means that you can create a WordPress website free in, but with a few limitations: you would get limited control on your site and limited customization would be allowed. Various advertisements will also be displayed on your website which can only be removed by paying an extra amount.

So, free WordPress hosting is ideal for learners and beginners to get familiar with WordPress and create your online presence. Although if you want to start your online business and earn some profit, you can always look for other plans.

  1. Shared hosting

Shared web hosting is the cheapest solution which is an ideal choice for low-budget projects and beginners. What happens exactly is that multiple websites share the same IP address along with the server resources like the memory, hard disk space, and the bandwidth. However, because of this “sharing” feature, there are some compromises which you might need to make, like working with limited memory space, slow site speed, SEO and security issues.

  1. VPS hosting

In VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting, the users are allocated with the server resources according to what they need. Therefore by paying an additional cost, you can get more resources like space and memory anytime. Hence, people having growing businesses can go for this hosting. Although it is costlier than shared hosting but comes with more secure hosting as your site stays unaffected if other VPS users harm their sites.

  1. Dedicated hosting

As the name suggests, dedicated hosting refers to a hosting layout where a single client gets to use all the server resources. Hence, unlike shared hosting, a single user can use all the resources like memory, webspace, bandwidth, and gets full control over the speed and security aspects of the website. Although it is very expensive compared to another hosting, you can take it if you have a large online enterprise and get a large audience every day.

  1. Managed WordPress

Essentially made for WordPress users, managed WordPress hosting hosts only WordPress based websites. Managed WordPress hosting makes the user work tension free and takes care of most of the essential tasks of your website. You don’t have to manually update anything or check the security as all the technical aspects are taken care of by them. Moreover, it comes with dedicated customer support which makes it easy for use and saves your time, hence, worth its cost.

Now that you know what types of hosting services are there, let’s have a look at Top 10 Web Hosting Services companies for WordPress blogs!

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