Top 5 Best Email Marketing Services

Top 10 Best Email Marketing Services

If you’re trying to create an email marketing campaign, you need an email marketing service that offers a wide variety of email templates. Aweber, for example, offers tons of email templates that you can customize for specific purposes. This email service also allows you to segment your audience. If you want to target your marketing efforts specifically to your niche, you can do so with Aweber’s segmentation feature.


Mailchimp is a powerful email marketing service that allows you to create beautiful email campaigns and personalized automations. It is a great tool for building strong relationships with your customers, and helps you generate more traffic and sales. Moreover, it allows you to collect e-commerce data to make your campaigns more targeted and personalized.

It offers an easy drag-and-drop editor for creating an email. Mailchimp also includes a library of templates that are optimized for different types of emails. You can use any template or build a custom one according to your preferences. Additionally, Mailchimp allows you to create and send test emails so you can check for cross-client compatibility.

Mailchimp has an A/B testing feature, allowing you to send multiple variations of the same email to different segments. This feature allows you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns by automatically sending each version of the email to a subset of your customers. In addition, the Premium Plan offers multivariate testing, allowing you to test various variables across up to eight email variations. However, the service does not offer automation workflows, which would allow you to A/B test multiple variations at once.

Another great feature of MailChimp is the segmentation feature. It allows you to segment your list by product purchase or demographics. You can also create groups and send emails to specific groups based on those segments. This will help you target your campaigns accordingly. You can also use the signup form to gather valuable data about your customers.

MailChimp offers four plans ranging from free to $299 a month. Prices vary according to the number of contacts.


GetResponse is a popular email marketing service that offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and advanced campaign management features. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to make changes on the fly and displays changes in real-time. You can also build automations with its workflow-based editor. It also has advanced analytics tools and real-time activity tracking.

GetResponse does more than send emails – it also offers landing pages that allow you to collect leads. This functionality is unique among email marketing services, since GetResponse integrates with landing page builders, so there’s no need to use third-party plugins. GetResponse also offers a complete webinar solution. This includes sending webinar invites, sending reminders, tracking conversions, and collecting leads.

GetResponse has numerous features including automation, list automation, spam testing, and web event tracking. You can create automation workflows and use tags and custom fields as triggers. In addition, you can conduct A/B tests on email content to see which content performs better. GetResponse also integrates SMS marketing and offers a mobile-optimized email service.


ActiveCampaign is a powerful email marketing tool that lets you send out email campaigns to your subscribers. Its Lite plan costs $9 a month and can be used by businesses with 500 subscribers or fewer. It also offers advanced automation features, segmentation options, and a landing page builder. You can also choose from 50+ templates to customize your emails. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive email marketing solution, consider upgrading to the ActiveCampaign Plus plan for $49 a month. It has several features that you can’t find in the Lite plan, including custom audience targeting and SMS marketing. It also offers a free 14-day trial.

ActiveCampaign has a wide range of features and offers a 90-minute webinar training. It also offers interactive demos for its more complex features. It also has a very user-friendly interface and offers features such as sales automation and customer relationship management.

ActiveCampaign also offers impressive email deliverability. Its automation builder lets you create automated email sequences. These emails start with a pre-defined trigger and continue to complete specific actions. You can also add rules and conditions for specific emails. ActiveCampaign does not offer a free plan, but pricing is based on the number of contacts you have. The Lite plan starts at $15 a month.

ActiveCampaign is a powerful email marketing software for eCommerce businesses. It enables businesses to create targeted email campaigns based on their customer data. Its content editor allows you to create beautiful emails with a drag-and-drop interface. Additionally, you can easily group contacts to send tailored messages. The software also offers powerful reporting tools and integrations with third-party apps.


SendInBlue offers many features that help you send emails effectively. It allows you to schedule campaigns and manage your contacts. You can also send SMS messages and create landing pages. The platform also offers templates that look professional. This service also lets you use third-party tools to manage your lists.

With the drag-and-drop editor, creating engaging emails is a breeze. The program also allows you to build on existing landing page templates. Once you’ve created an email campaign, you can send it out to your recipients. The system will automatically populate certain fields for you, making it easy to customize and send. You can personalize each email for each recipient, showing images and product links that match their preferences.

SendinBlue has several features that will help you grow your list faster. One of these is its Shared Inbox. This feature allows you to see all messages in one place and reply quickly to them. Another feature is its lead scoring. It allows you to mark messages as answered, and keeps a record of your conversation history. The platform also offers a voucher pool, which allows you to send promotional codes to your customers.

SendInBlue also offers a free plan that lets you send up to 300 emails a day. The paid plans start at $25 per month for 10,000 emails. If you’re serious about growing your list, you can also take advantage of Sendinblue’s advanced automations.

SendInBlue offers a campaign comparison report that allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your email campaigns. The reports give you an overall picture of the effectiveness of your emails and help you make adjustments to improve your campaigns. The reports also include information about reader engagement with your email campaigns.


Mailjet offers an easy to use interface and advanced features to help you build your email campaigns. You can create custom email templates, automate your campaigns, and monitor the performance of each campaign. Mailjet has an A/B testing feature that lets you test up to ten versions of your message before sending it to your list. It also offers inbox preview so you can see how your messages are performing in real time.

Mailjet is designed for large email volumes. Their standard plans allow you to send up to 50,000 emails a month, but the company also offers more advanced plans with no cap. This way, you’ll be able to send as many emails as you need to. And since the service is designed for businesses of any size, you’ll never run out of storage space or bandwidth.

Mailjet has a drag-and-drop email builder that allows you to customize the layout of your emails. It lets you create beautiful emails by collaborating with other Mailjet users. And if you’re a novice in email design, Mailjet has the knowledge base to help you with problems and best practices. Furthermore, each Enterprise account is assigned a Technical Account Manager to help with onboarding and support.

Mailjet has a free plan for beginners. However, it has limited features. The free plan only allows you to send 30,000 emails a month. The price increases as your email campaign size increases. In addition, Mailjet doesn’t offer any A/B testing or segmentation options. It’s still a great choice for a budget-conscious email marketing service.

Mailjet also provides an API for developers, and includes comprehensive documentation on its features. Besides offering an easy-to-use interface, Mailjet also offers many useful tools for email marketing, including an email newsletter editor.